3 things to check before you choose a system for building a chat bot

Make sure that this is an official system that only works with an official API, systems that do not work with the official API can be blocked and even endanger the business that uses this service since it is against company policy

Check the flexibility of the system both in terms of capabilities and features, note that you get full value for your money and do not commit to long periods of time without the ability to disconnect

Check whether the system has a convenient interface for building a chatbot, using a convenient bot builder you can manage the ongoing operation of a bot

How can Allchat help you?

By implementing the system, you can increase the conversion rates on the website and enhance the user experience on the website, you can integrate with a variety of tools, in addition, you can build high-level chat bots independently

daily planner

A built-in meeting calendar that allows for the coordination of meetings directly through the WhatsApp chat with full synchronization to the business calendar

Lead alerts

Sending messages to customers who left details on the website, sending notifications about leads that entered through the website, updating customers about a new blog post

Ecommerce alerts

Abandonment notices, notices to the website owner and the customer after a purchase, notices about joining a customer club, generating coupons, creating users and more


Using an advanced API interface, you can perform advanced integrations with lead systems/websites/CRM, thereby optimizing the customer experience and optimizing business operations

Mailing notices

Broadcast messages through the official WhatsApp interface allow for quick contact with customers for marketing purposes and various updates and without fear of blocking

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Omni - channel

Support for multiple channels allows you to manage and centralize customer inquiries from all social channels in one place and integrate automation processes through a smart chatbot

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